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Ghosts are real


Shared by noraroars ” A strange cold breeze tingles on my skin, my hair raises at the thought of an old memory that I thought was long subdue. This memory feels like a ghost,… Continue reading

How I Keep Losing You When I Almost Had You


Shared by noraroars ” Somewhere in distant universes, lifetimes or time zones I hope I get to love you with all of me. Hear all the ways time keeps slipping and I miss the… Continue reading

I need substance


Shared by noraroars ” The hardest part of viewing the world through your own eyes is finding validation. What is true validation? What is a beautiful woman if no one told her she was… Continue reading

“Is this good?” Learning my love is evil


Shared by mindmeetheart ” “The stigmatized individual tends to hold the same beliefs about the identity that we do…the standards he has incorporated from the wider society equip him to be intimately alive… Continue reading

I am letting you go


Shared by Diana Georgia ” I have always found it very difficult to let go of things and people. At 23, I still find it very difficult to determine what I want. I don’t… Continue reading

When will I learn…?


Shared by Anna@ Mums Need Wine ” Why do I always fall for the wrong ones…. It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time. The guys are either lovely and worship… Continue reading

A Letter to my Mom


Shared by Belle Bohemienne ” My Dearest Mom, We no longer have a relationship as mother and daughter.  I feel that you have pushed me away and no matter how hard I try I… Continue reading

Utterly Devastated: I Gave It Every Fiber In My Being


Shared by: towch ” I do feel that i now have to explain why i broke up with my now maybe ex, we need to talk. So the break up originated from an… Continue reading

9 Signs that She’s the One


1. She’s open to your signs of weakness. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean that you always have to suck it up. I mean, I’m not talking about whiny people who complain… Continue reading

All Too Soon


I miss you. I think it’s ridiculous how we ended up like this. You needed time to think. But if you were really into “us,” you wouldn’t have let us come this far,… Continue reading

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