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He taught me to feel


Shared by Rhapsody ” I feel a lot. I never really understood until now, I feel EVERYTHING. I never really paid much attention to it until now, until him. You know him, the him… Continue reading

You Don’t Know My Name, But I Know You


A beautiful feature post by Single Strides. ” You don’t know my name. But I know your heart. I know that it beats to offset my laughter. I know that the way it’ll tap… Continue reading

9 Signs that She’s the One


1. She’s open to your signs of weakness. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean that you always have to suck it up. I mean, I’m not talking about whiny people who complain… Continue reading

Dimly-lit Love


Don’t be afraid to be the one who loves more But also, Don’t be quick to trust However, when you find yourself starting to, Trust sincerely Loving someone should grow you to be… Continue reading

A Second Too Late


After five years of being friends, you finally confessed to me how much my smiles and tears meant to you. You told me that you can make me happier than any of those… Continue reading

A Miracle called Love


Frankly speaking, this thing you and I call love is nothing short of a miracle. The moment when we met each other, looked into each other’s eyes, our brilliant minds intertwined, and began… Continue reading

All Too Soon


I miss you. I think it’s ridiculous how we ended up like this. You needed time to think. But if you were really into “us,” you wouldn’t have let us come this far,… Continue reading

Heartbeat Mini: Interracial Relationships


I’m 2nd generation Asian and my girlfriend is black. We’re in a serious relationship but I’m afraid our parents won’t be so accepting of an interracial marriage. Any tips or advice on how… Continue reading

Some Jokes for your Monday


Happy Monday! I know this is an exciting day for everybody… getting over the weekend, getting back to work and all. Most of us are going back to another 5-day work week, whereas… Continue reading

First Love


When I first met my ‘first love,’ I was yet to have experienced any devastating heartbreak, so I was so vulnerably naive and excited to feel the butterflies in my stomach. Only if… Continue reading

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