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Reblog: When To Do It


Check out this post by Judiennrose from Single Mum And More. ” The question of how soon you should sleep with someone in a relationship comes up regularly. Some are happy with the… Continue reading

Reblog: One Night Romance


TMah from Confessions of a Former Fatty wrote this interesting article! I’m very curious to hear your thoughts. Please enjoy! ” I’m a mad gossip. It drives my boyfriend mental. I’ll discuss everything with my… Continue reading

Labels and Independence


A great feature post by Emma from The Power Lies In Your Words. She’s a talented writer and this piece is sure to get you thinking, please enjoy! ” The main issue with… Continue reading

Reblog: Lara Loveless


Surfing through the WP blogosphere, came across this great post by Lara Loveless from Life & Love. A great post, and I think it brings up some great points for discussion and reflection. I… Continue reading

Monday Humor – Sleepy Puppies


What do tired puppies have to do with love, relationships, and dating? It doesn’t matter. Enjoy! Monday mornings….   We’ve been there too buddy… A+ for effort! Not sure if lazy or genius….… Continue reading

My Kind of Soulmate


A wonderful feature post by Single Strides. Please enjoy! ” Everyone wants to believe in their one true love. They want to believe in love’s true kiss, the chill-you-to-your-bones first look when you… Continue reading

Monday Humor – GIFs


Happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but I had a weekend full of World Cup watching/drinking and this Monday is not fun. Here’s some GIFs that might make it a bit better.… Continue reading

Reblog: The Myth of Pleasure from a Cabana Boy


When we touched on age gaps in dating before, it seemed the majority opinion was that age is only a number and to follow your heart. But what about sex? Do you prefer a… Continue reading

Reblog: Miss Independent


While I don’t want to reblog too many posts encouraging people to be alone sometimes in a relationship blog (lol), it is definitely important to reflect and learn to love yourself. A strong… Continue reading

Reblog: In Love


Are you comfortable with being alone? Or do you feel the need to find a new relationship as soon as possible? Lindsey discusses being alone – its negative stigma and the importance of being… Continue reading

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