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First Love


When I first met my ‘first love,’ I was yet to have experienced any devastating heartbreak, so I was so vulnerably naive and excited to feel the butterflies in my stomach. Only if… Continue reading

Summer Nights


Maybe when summer nights come around again, I’ll have someone holding my hand while taking a stroll down my streets, and we’ll talk about the most random things but still fall more in… Continue reading

This Kind of Love


What I’ve realized after loving someone is that no matter how close we are, he and I are two completely different people. Just because of our label as a couple, or him as… Continue reading



let’s close the door, lock it, and throw the keys away. Yes. “It’s those times when I feel that pang of guilt in my gut, yet I do nothing to alleviate it, but… Continue reading

Who Makes You Happy?


Many times a person gets so consumed in a relationship that they lose their identity as a person and instead rely on their significant other to define them. This is dangerous not only… Continue reading

The Culprit


You were the reason of my despair, and you were also the rescuer from my despair. As quickly as I shone with your love, I was quick to fade when it seemed like… Continue reading

Who Am I to Say, but…


After years of exploring the dating pool, I think now I kind of understand why elders tell young people to date a lot before getting married. Yeah, of course, you need to polish… Continue reading

The movie Morning Glory


The reason why I like the movie Morning Glory is this: it is not a story centered solely on the idea of a girl in love (or on a quest to find one).… Continue reading

What He Wants VS. What She Wants


MEN Trust Respect Appreciation Agreement Compliments Encouragement     WOMEN Care Understanding Respect Willingness Empathy Certainty This is how men and women differ in needs in a relationship. Looking for someone to fulfill… Continue reading

Transparent opaqueness


Are feelings valid if I can’t see them? Falling in love as an adult meant a stable relationship without the constant reminder of ‘I love you’s,” yet I’m Benjamin Button-ing these days, throwing… Continue reading

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