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Reader Story: Regret


Shared by Openyoureyes145. ” People often ask me if I regret my relationship with my ex. The answer, honestly, is no. He was the love of my life. He was my best friend.… Continue reading

Reader Story: Hope to be Loved


Shared by Amateurreviews. ” It’s been almost twenty years since I’m out in the world now, that being how old I am. So far, I’ve never encountered even a crush until I moved… Continue reading

Reader Story: My Heartbeat


Flippyzipflop has a wonderful heartbeat it seems, please read her story and share your thoughts! ” After many severed relationships, seeing the title of this, I HAD to comment.  I have already discovered… Continue reading

Reader Story: Three Guys


Gwenaellely has quite the dilemma. How would you advise her? Please read through and share! ” I think about three  guys in particular all the time. I think about this rich, sophisticated Asian… Continue reading

Reader Story: Overthinker


A reader sent in this story to me and I think many of you here could help her out by providing your insights, thoughts, and perspectives. Please read through and share. ” Bubbles.… Continue reading

Strings and Mirrors: The Story of Left & Right


A recent Reader Story stirred up a lot of interest lately. A story of two married individuals with families that fall in love with each other. In the story, Left notes that they… Continue reading

Reader Story: Accepting True Love


We recently featured a Reader Story of a man that found his true love but she was soon diagnosed with cancer and tragically passed away. He had said he would do it all… Continue reading

Reader Story: Left & Right


One thing I’ve learned while running this website is that love can be very diverse, dynamic, and even controversial, and to add to that there are so many different perspectives to everything. Please… Continue reading

Reader Story: True Love


One of our readers, newlife4good1957 has shared his story with me and asked that I share it with you. It’s a heart-touching story ” I just wanted to share something if I may. I recently… Continue reading

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