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Reader Story: My Messy Love Story


Shared by Katrina. ” Have you ever been in a relationship where you were too attracted to the other person to notice how awkward your first date would have been had you not… Continue reading

Reader Story: About a Boy


Shared by Chibimoekko. “ *I am not anyone but myself: I am real, no matter how much you deny me A man – no, a boy – lost himself with me once. He… Continue reading

Reader Story: The Day My Heart Broke


Shared by Ufuoma E-Ashogbon. ” It had been a few months, and I knew something had changed.  I didn’t want to believe it, I couldn’t bare the thought.  I tried to explain his… Continue reading

Reader Story: She Looked at Him


Shared by inilluzion. ” She looked at the man sleeping beside her. 7 years yet he sometimes felt like a stranger. Sometimes she felt she failed to understand the father of her child.… Continue reading

Reader Story: 1982


Shared by Anxious Anna. ” It was late one night years ago when I just a kid. I had crept downstairs for a late night snack, when I heard what sounded like my… Continue reading

A Mistress, A Marriage, And a Monster that Was


Shared by scarletletterd. “ I define myself as a mistress. I was a serial dater. I never defined myself as pretty, intriguing or enticing but apparently, the list of men I had in… Continue reading

Reader Story: Fifty Shades of Big Shot: He Ended It With a Text Message


Shared by buffalogrl25. ” If you are ever looking to fulfill a raging desire to feel completely inadequate, date a Big Shot. If you had the chance to check out Trust Fall, you… Continue reading

Reader Story: Back To The Sea


Shared by Arl’s World. ” A True Story of love and loss and new beginnings … The sea was where she always went to be alone with her thoughts. She liked looking out… Continue reading

Reader Story: Them Feels


Shared by Shreyaroy94. ” You’ve had a bad break up. The worst blow you could have. You really loved him with every small atom and molecule in your body. After 4 long months,… Continue reading

Reader Story: Abandoned


Shared by Ameenah Ross. ” May 12, 2010 my husband announced to me that he was abandoning our upside down home and oh. Yes…The marriage too! The conversation went like this… well first… Continue reading

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