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Heartbeat Mini: Age Gap


I’m 38 and my girlfriend is 24. My friends call me a cradle robber, but my girlfriend and I both don’t care – we’re a great match for each other. What’s generally an… Continue reading

Heartbeat: The Implants


Here’s another story from a guy. Sounds like he’s fallen in love! How do you interpret her actions? ” I’m a healthy 25 year old guy. I have a friend that I’ve known… Continue reading

Heartbeat: I like you but I like my Guy friends too


A reader sent in her story and is in need of your advice. Please read and share your thoughts! ” Hi, I just wanted to get some feedback on my recent, and only,… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Friends with Benefits?


Here’s a story from one of our readers, Rye Soaked Feathers. Please take a minute to read through and vote/provide feedback. Thank you! “ The guy I had a real life crush on… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Late Night Snack


We had two posts/stories from ladies, here’s one from a guy this time! Please read through and vote/comment!   Hi, I’m a 27 year old guy working a desk job at some company.… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Sex Drive


I’d like to share a blog post of a reader of our blog. Please take a minute to read her story and provide your feedback and vote. Thank you! “ I am a… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Old vs Fresh


Here’s a story from a girl in her mid-late twenties. Please read and share your thoughts! And don’t forget to vote! “I met my boyfriend in college and we’ve been dating for over… Continue reading

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