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Reader Story: True Love


One of our readers, newlife4good1957 has shared his story with me and asked that I share it with you. It’s a heart-touching story ” I just wanted to share something if I may. I recently… Continue reading

Heartbeat: To Marry or Not to Marry


Some view marriage as a simple joining of two people that love each other. Some view it as something more – a union of two families to form one new family, earning several new responsibilities while… Continue reading

Heartbeat Mini: Rejection


Why do girls get crap when they reject a guy or friend when they ask us out? I’m not talking about some dude that’s trying to get my number at a bar, I’m… Continue reading

Heartbeat Mini: The First Move


I’m a 27 year old guy, I’d say I’m average looking and moderately successful in life so far. My problem: I can’t make the first move. I date girls often enough and am… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Heart vs Brain


I’m sure many of you are well aware of one of the greatest struggles in dating, or life for that matter: Heart vs Brain. Your brain tells you what you should do, while… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Obesity and Physical Attraction


Dear Readers, A young fellow reader shared her story with me so that she could gain some insight from other readers. Please read through and provide your feedback. It looks like she could… Continue reading

Heartbeat Mini: Interracial Relationships


I’m 2nd generation Asian and my girlfriend is black. We’re in a serious relationship but I’m afraid our parents won’t be so accepting of an interracial marriage. Any tips or advice on how… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Broken Childhood Love


Dear Readers, This story was emailed to me by a fellow reader of our site. I’ve read through it and it seems like he’s in quite the dilemma, for multiple reasons. Please read… Continue reading

Heartbeat Mini: Anniversary Gift


It’s been one year since we officially started dating, and I want to get my girlfriend something. I’m 30 and she’s 28. What’s a good gift to get my girlfriend? What about vice… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Friends with an Ex


Is it possible to become friends with your ex? If so or if not, why do you think so? Here’s a story about a lady that wants to become friends with her ex.… Continue reading

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