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Heartbeat: So Long My Loveless Romance


Shared by Veronica. ” So long my loveless romance, I guess I’ll throw away the flowers he never gave me. I suppose I’ll burn the pictures we never took together. I’ll probably spend… Continue reading

Heartbeat: What’s Wrong with Being Safe?


Shared by Gemmalwilley. ” Now I’m not saying I never take risks, writing this for the world to see my true feelings, that’s a bloody huge risk. Undergoing gastric bypass surgery, a risk.… Continue reading

Heartbeat: So What If I Fell…


  Shared by NcMerci. ” So what if I actually fell in love with that guy? How would that “intense liking” of that person increase? I would have probably been happier than what… Continue reading

Heartbeat: The Ultimate Myth: Men and Women CAN be “Just friends” (For Real)


Shared by An Over-thinker Secret Romantic. ” After the reception my last (and first) story had, which I feel so happy and thankful for, I decided to go for round 2; today’s topic:… Continue reading

Heartbeat: My Life, My Struggle, and the Love I HAD


Shared by Veronica. ” “My husband is not the one for me” and that reality has slapped me hard in the face. I never really paid attention to any abandoned buildings, until I,… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Oh, Love… Why So Brusque?


Shared by justwaitdear. ” She so hates love that she found a word to describe its human-like attitude towards her: “Damn LOVE, why do you have to be so brusque!” She turned on… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Carrie Bradshaw


Shared by somebody88. ” I’m in my late twenties and there’s this girl that’s 25. She’s this girl that I’ve known for a while. She’s really hot, her and her clique remind me… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Is “Exclusively Dating” The New Title?


Shared by An Over-thinker Secret Romantic. ” They say writing is liberating and for someone as expressive as me I decided to give it a shot; in addition I enjoy giving advice to… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Dumpee or Dumper


Shared by fullheartfullsmile. ” I recently broke up with my boyfriend, or more correctly to put it, suggested we go on a break. I had a lot of emotional maturing to do and felt… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Does He Even Care?


Shared by CollegeGradAndConfused. ” It’s coming up on a year since I met an awesome guy who I never thought I would fall for. We seemed like complete opposites, but after getting to know… Continue reading

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