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Heartbeat: A Long Way Down


Shared by Scarlett Jones. ” Picture this: 17 years of being best friends, always being teased about being a couple, and finally doing something about it – what could go wrong? Well, let… Continue reading

Heartbeat: A Cry 4 Help, The Truth (Express Yourself)


Shared by agatewood6704. ” I been with my husband for ten years, married for three. I thought this love right here, was meant to be. I thought it would last forever. I thought… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Feeling Lost


Shared by Drew X. ” This past weekend I went to a friend’s birthday. I watched my buddy and his wife, and some of the other couples in attendance. The smiles, the touches,… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Should I Apologize?


Shared by solomonsepiphany. ” Maybe I should. When I first met you i saw you as a child with a crush. I never pictured you grown up. I never pictured you to return… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Faking It


Shared by mnsn808. ” I’ve got a problem. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year now… he’s really good to me, makes me feel special and all but the sex just isn’t…… Continue reading

Heartbeat: The Heart and the Fear


Shared by nataliecarter73. ” When something new starts and there is a possibility that ‘the heart’ might get involved, its terrifying and exciting, in almost equal measures! Those who have read the rest… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Oh That’s Right! I’m Single…


Shared by inthelifeofsarasandoval. ” Ugh. That’s right. I thought moving was going to be easy. I do miss all my friends and work. But why. Why when I move, all the sudden everybody… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Why Most Women Absolutely Hate Me


Shared by fidusjungsturm. See his original post here. ” For one, I have very little, if anything in common with most women, and they tend to annoy me more than anything. I am extremely… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Lost for Words


Shared by katterinakapri. ” Hello Everyone, I know we all may or may not have our fairytale ever after as you see in cartoon movies, but could this be my or our Cinderella… Continue reading

Heartbeat: The Midnight Detective


Shared by Patrick Berridge. ” I stay up late at night thinking about the same problem I’ve been having for the past four years. Every time I’ve had something I love, I lose… Continue reading

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