When it’s just you

Why Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Lonely

Shared by Mahek

There comes a point where you realize that its JUST YOU who’s puttin’ in ALL the effort.

He has no clue of how to lift this up. But neither do you.

Yet. You are trying.

He isn’t.

You can give up on this. But you wouldn’t.

Cuz you cant stand the sight of your paradise crumble down. That very paradise YOU brought up TOGETHER WITH HIM.

So. All you do is STAY. And just keep trying and trying and trying.

You wonder what went wrong and where. You just keep wondering.

And at a point you realize that its not ‘something’ that went wrong. It was the person you chose who was wrong.

You know there is no point. NO REAL POINT AT ALL.

But you still gotta stay.

Or better said….

You still choose to stay.

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