What a Man Wants

A Good Man Is Not Hard To Find

Shared by Deon

I completely understand why women leave their men.  We’re stupid. We’re selfish.  All we think about is sex and food and status.  We want to feel successful  But I have to ask:  is that a bad thing?  And we’re not going to change our habits.  We want simple things; why is it always made into something so fucking complicated?  We work to make money to buy food and have some kind of social status, until we reach what we consider success. We look for a woman who enjoys the same and wants a relationship with us, so we can have sex.  Which in turn helps us to feel successful. It’s simple.

I’m saying it because I also understand why a man will leave a woman.  We’ll leave because we’re simple.  We want to feel successful, we like food and sex and we want to be in the company of a beautiful woman who will help us to feel successful.

We want a woman who is attractive, who is attracted to us.  So we work hard and earn the status symbols to win the trophy. And then she changes.  And she wants us to change.  She wants to tell us what to do and how to do it, and how we’re not adequate.  And then she tries the pressure techniques, withholding affection until we are willing to change to be more of what she wants.  She pretends she’s not attracted to us.  She stops doing the things she did that helped her remain attractive to us- caring about us.  flirting. makeup. dressing hot. and perhaps most obviously, sex.

Don’t think I’m shallow.  Every woman is attractive in her own way, it’s just that I find certain traits attractive and other guys find other traits attractive.  I might like your eyes.  He might like certain curves.  He might like your lips, or your nose, or your knees.  Who knows?  We guys are an odd bunch and different things flip our triggers.

But if  you withhold affection to get what you want, fuck that, say we men.  Or, rather, the opposite of that.  We go look for a woman who acts like she’s attracted to us, for who we are, who accepts us without making us change, with whom we might like to have sex.  If we’re lucky, we get …”lucky.”  And then the first person, whom we actually liked before she got all shitty, acts all hurt and upset that we still need sex, like we’re the problem here.  I call that complete utter bullshit.  It’s not fair to make me the bad guy here.  You shut down, not me.

When you stop acting like you care, when you turn away when we men are affectionate, when you shut us out, when you do things or say things that make us feel inadequate, when you demand we pay some kind of emotional hostage blackmail ransom price, it’s your damned fault if we go somewhere else and leave you in our dust.

I don’t want you if you don’t want me.  And I can’t continue to love you like you want to be loved if you don’t love me like I want to be loved.  Eventually, I’ll reach the end of my energy reserves, and the top of my frustration tolerance limits, and I am out of there.

I don’t “cheat.”  And I don’t have shallow motives; I want an actual relationship that lasts and I’ll work at it.  As long as you care about me, everything is fine.  But I care about myself and if you show me that you don’t, I’ll find someone who does.  It’s not cheating if you prove to me that you don’t want me any more.  If you want me, prove that.

You can bitch to my friends and family all you want, after you bitch to your friends and family, about how I’m the bad one in the relationship.  But the new lady will do what you wouldn’t.  Or I’ll find one who will.  If she only does what I want to win me and then starts that whole bullshit ransom demand cycle again, I’ll go to another one.”

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