Ghosts are real

love at first sight

Shared by noraroars

A strange cold breeze tingles on my skin, my hair raises at the thought of an old memory that I thought was long subdue. This memory feels like a ghost, lurking in the shadows of my heart and somehow made its way to haunt me today. What could possibly bring me to think of you again?

Whatever this moment is, I’m entirely in doubt, fearful and longing of you now. So much that tears want to pour into buckets and my heart swells in agony due to your absence. Have I missed you and not realized it at all? No, it can’t be. I haven’t seen your husky formed body or piercing eyes near me.

Can love haunt me? I doubt it. But I can’t help but admit I wished that it has haunted you since the day you decided our love wasn’t enough. I nearly begged until my bones were brittle, letter after letter of endearment as you carried your weight away from me. I was left in an ice cave thinking you would come for me, melt my heart and allow me to be vulnerable with you again. But you never came back. You’re still not here.

May I close my eyes and pretend in this brief moment? Let me swim in once was your gentle touch, the warmest embrace and toughest love I’ve yet to feel again… I miss you terribly, withering with shame that deep down I still love you. So I’ve allowed your ghost to follow me today and remind me how I was able to love.

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