Sink or Swim

I was broken, that didn't hurt me that much, what made it worse was, you broke me.

Shared by blurryface

“There was nothing but the sound of rushing water swallowing her and all that she was whole. Being numb and feeling the water smother her lungs was nothing new, no, she welcomed the familiar sad depths with ease, for this was where she knew no could reach her, want her, miss her.

Amongst the solidarity the waves began to shake and tremble. Could it be someone was dragging her to the surface? Panic surged through her cold limbs and senses as she was lifted up and for the first time in what has felt like an eternity her eyes found shades of blue staring down at her through fields of golden lashes and in that second she took her first breath, knowing that this was an instance of sink or swim. Does she lay back down into the cold water where she knows she’s always welcome… Or does she kick her legs towards those shades of blue?

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