A beautiful featured post by Katie Wilhelm

So many months past and gone
since I could last call myself yours
So many days, I’ve smiled, laughed
And felt joy deep down to my core

I’ve since changed ways, seen the light
even give my heart to someone new
But sometimes it creeps in through my bandaged wound
Sometimes, I still see you

Sometimes my heart once again feels hollow
Just like it did for more than a year
I reminisce to our times together
regretfully shedding a tear

Though so rare, I admit sometimes
I let you wash over me like rain
drenching me in your tattered memoires
making me relive all the pain

I promise you that you’re mostly removed
Out of my body, my soul and my mind
I’ve moved on and enjoy my life
Most days I am just fine

But sometimes I let you seep in
Into the cracks and crevices I left unsealed
Sometimes you occupy the empty space in my heart
And the darkness that hovers is so real

But I am open and I am willing
To search for whatever my heart may find
I hope one day you leave, but for now you’re still here
If only just sometimes


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