To say or not to say?


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Mr L and I go to college together, but we aren’t in classes together, which means I see him around everyday but also get my own space to do my studies. Last Tuesday was his birthday and in celebration of this great day… we decided to ditch. After our first class, we met at the car and drove into the city for lunch.

We then spent the day exploring, hanging out with each other and being incredibly silly. When I’m with him I truly have the most fun. My face is literally sore from smiling around him so much. I’m not complaining at all but my dream of having a full heart and a full smile has definitely become my reality.

After taking him out for dinner with all of our best friends and his siblings, he walked me home (it’s super convenient living a four-minute walk from each other’s houses). It was slightly raining but neither of us cared because we were dancing and laughing the entire way home. When he dropped me off he gave me the biggest hug and we just held onto each other for a while, then he kissed me.

It was one of the nicest kisses I have ever had, mostly because it was Mr L. He is the perfect combination of confident and casual. He’s been like since the first moment he asked me out.

I have never felt as safe as I do when I’m in his arms, never felt more loved or respected either. I am truly grateful to my God for blessing me with the best guy I have ever met. And no, he’s not perfect, and I know that, but he treats me perfectly, which is what matters. I’ve struggled to trust guys for the past year, but when I’m with him all those fears dissipate.

I’m needing to write this down, because I’m not ready to tell him, but I have fallen for him. Head over heels. I care more and respect him more than I have ever about anyone else in my entire life. I don’t want to say it to his face, because this is his first relationship and I don’t want to scare him off… but I think I have fallen in love with Mr L.

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