How I Keep Losing You When I Almost Had You

feeling lost

Shared by noraroars

Somewhere in distant universes, lifetimes or time zones I hope I get to love you with all of me. Hear all the ways time keeps slipping and I miss the opportunities to tell you how I feel but there always seems to  be time for all that I want to hide from you or vice versa.

In one universe, every day I receive an invitation to a masque ball and every night I attend. I guess in this life you’re Romero and I’m Juliet, except our families aren’t feuding over centuries of false anger. The battle was always fought over who came out with the better mask and each night I lose to your presence. You keep hiding behind your mask and I continue searching for you every night unmasked, but the story ends the same way. I took poison then you and misfortune runs its course.

The reality of our existence is bound by how long the night lasts. In this time zone I’m Cinderella and you’re Prince Charming, but when it’s 12am I’m no longer the princess and you don’t have the strength to go looking door to door for me. Even with how much of me I’ve left behind with you, I realize I’m not the princess in this world and there are more nights to come, where maybe I won’t be scared to stay with you past the stroke of midnight. Will you accept me in rags?

No matter how many disguises we go through, we still find each other. And each time I find myself more and more drawn to you then quickly dismissed once the clock strikes a certain hour. Perhaps, once the sun rises, I realize it’s no longer a fairytale; I fail to recognize or deny your company altogether because I don’t want to get hurt.

In this lifetime, I have high hopes I’ll get more time with you. Moons have passed and the stories become shorter and shorter. You may be missing now, but I still live in wonders of the world to have what we once shared.

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