Loving myself

The Day My Heart Broke

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When you love yourself, you will never accept any other love that is less than that. You won’t need to. You won’t want to.

I love myself. I respect my own thoughts and my dreams. I value my talents, my shortcomings, my beauty, and my imperfections. I have known myself at my highest hills and at my lowest valleys. In sunshine and in darkness. I have seen myself vulnerable, crying into my pillow at night thinking that there is nothing left in me, and then awakened the next morning and stepped out of bed, into my slippers, towards the coffee machine to start the day anyway, because I know that I have the strength to do so. I was there when I was stung by bees and jellyfish at eight years old and when I fell off my bike and onto the rubble for peddling too fast, scraping up my wobbly knees. I was there when I graduated high school and threw the white cap up into the cloudless blue sky, full of opportunity. With myself, I have been through it all. For this, I have nothing but respect and thanks and appreciation. Love.

So when choosing a partner, when that pull of attraction draws me to a man, I shall always keep this self love at the forefront. What will this man do for me? Will he love me more? – adding to my feeling of self, worshipping my body’s every bump and curve, challenging my mind, listening to my greatest dreams? Will he make me feel loved in a way that I, myself, cannot supply? Or will he make me question his love, building insecurities and paranoia within myself?

If anyone gives me something less than what I already give to myself, is he worth it? No.

“I fall in love with myself, and I want someone to share it with me. I want someone to share me, with me.” – Eartha Bitt

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