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Shared by Kristian Buddy

Having read your most recent article about how women don’t need men. I feel compelled to put my piece in as a member of the opposing sex and as a spiritual believer.

So , where do I begin , well , I believe each of us have free will and that we have the ability to exercise this free will. So either choice (single or in a relationship) is essentially perfect in itself.

I want to move deeper into the subject though about the feminist movement.

I feel there is a social movement of feminists nowadays who are pointing the finger at men. Simply for the reason of bad experience.

Now not all men are bad , I believe these feminists/activists/individuals whatever you would like to label them, have had bad experiences so they reflect on this bad experience and discount the entire male population.

I want to end on this message. I would like to relate this to a metaphor. If you like coffee for example and you have one bad coffee does that mean that you would discontinue the consumption of coffee ? No.. Therefore if you have had one bad experience with the opposing sex and this goes for males as well does this mean you have sworn of relationships. I shouldn’t think so.

Have love for your fellow being and respect everyone

Much love and peace
Kristian Buddy

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