The Wait

5 Important Things to do After a Break-up

Shared by Merlissa

“Just wait a little bit longer” Tunde said and  that’s all I hear for the past 3 years! I met Tunde at a family function (laugh). We hit if off right away, you know  that feeling that you get when you have found someone your ready to spend your life with no mater what, that’s the feeling I had with Tunde.  Tunde is tall, handsome and down to earth but every time I think we have taken one step forward; I see we have taken five steps backwards. We were either fighting or breaking up (we have broken up like a zillion times) but the truth is that I can’t move on without Tunde breaking up with me as I don’t have the mind to breakup with a guy (I have never broken up with any of my ex…), but Tunde would not break up with me.

A year into our courtship, Tunde proposed to me. I was the happiest girl on earth, I just knew we were met to be with each other and God has finally blessed me with Tunde. On Sunday, we went to his parent’s house to tell them the news and I was so excited to see his mum who was so sweet (I  later realized that am wrong). When we got there, I greeted her like a proper Yoruba lady (I went down on both knees) and we went inside to tell them the news. We broke the news to them and his mum shouted NEVER!! I was shocked, confused, in fact so many things were running thru my mind (why did she say never, did I offend her? Etc that’s all I could think off) it didn’t take long before tears were rolling down my cheeks.

After begging and pleading with his parents especially his mum kept telling us NO that I don’t belong to their “class” and they have a girl from their “class” that is to marry Tunde. (Yeah, I forgot to tell you that Tunde is from a royal family, and they don’t mingle with outsiders) my heart started bleeding, immediately I ran out of their house and took a cab home. That was the start of our break up! His parents and siblings warned us to stop seeing each other, as we couldn’t end our sweet romance we were sneaking up and about.  Every time I suggested that we should call our relationship quits, Tunde would go on his knees and say “Juste attendre un peu pls longtemps “(which means Just wait a little bit longer).

Every time he said it my heart would melt (I get turned on when a guy speaks French to me *iBlush*).  So it’s been 3 years we are still battling his family and from the looks of it, I don’t think I’d ever get the chance to be with Tunde, and trust me we have tried everything, from eloping together, to lying to his parents that am pregnant for him to anything imaginable. Am fed up and am tired of waiting. Why is life so cruel?? They say patience is a virtue but I must tell you, it’s very hard to wait. This year, am taking a leap of faith by finalizing our breakup so I can move on with my life, the wait is hard but the breakup is harder! I’d feel bad if I break up with him, but I need to move on and be happy.

What would you do if it was you?

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