Here I am. Falling again.

Trying to Fall in Love

A beautiful featured post by Katie Wilhelm

You would think I’d know better,
think I’d stay away this time,
after the tsunami of tears,
broken dreams and crumbling future.
You would think I’d run away
from the possibility of falling again.
Even though you are not him
and even though I am different,
how can I know that I wont go back there?
To that god awful place,
where I don’t sleep, don’t smile,
don’t laugh. Just cry.
Cry. And cry some more.
How can I sink myself into your eyes
when I did the same thing with him
and drowned?
But here I am again:
intoxicated by the way you look at me,
touch me.
see me,
straight to my soul.
Overwhelmed by your attentive nature,
ability to listen,
constant laughter.
Here I am again,
diving without notice,
leaping with my eyes shut,
trusting entirely too much.
Once again, here I am
succumbing to your hands;
to your heart.
Letting go of every fear I have.
Letting you into my world,
all at once.
Maybe that makes me a fool,
because even though I know better now
I am falling for you.
And it feels okay.
It feels right.
So even if this does prove me mad,
I think it is worth it.
Because love will always be worth it in the end.


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