I can wait forever

Long Distance Relationship

Shared by Diana Georgia

Another day without you with me is like a blade that cuts right through me…but I can wait. I can wait forever.

I saw him first in a photograph that my best friend sent me. And as I lay my eyes on his picture, I felt like my whole world has stopped spinning for a while. I looked at his beautiful green eyes and I knew he was the one. The center of his eyes looked like sunflower, my favorite flower, and from then on, his eyes have also become my favorite.

I have always felt lucky for having him in my life. He has changed so much in me. He has made me believe in things I didn’t believe in before. He has helped me take myself out of my comfort zone in a positive way. He has helped me face my fears, and let me reconnect to the things I used to do and loved.

He has made me realize how important friends and family are. When I look into his beautiful eyes, all I could see is love and adoration. Although he could be sarcastic most of the time, I have never heard any hints of anger, hatred and jealousy in his voice.

I could sit here forever and write about all the good things he possesses that makes me fall in love with him even more day by day, regardless of the bad things he also has.

Some people say that love is not blind. Love is all accepting. When you love someone, you don’t necessarily become blind about that person’s flaws. You know you are aware of his flaws, yet you still love him because you accept all that he is. You fall in love not only because of the great things you see in him, but you love him in all his totalities. You love both the bright and the dark side of him.

I never knew I could be very serious in a relationship, but when he came into my life, everything suddenly changed. I found myself giving out my entire heart and putting it in his hands. The anchor I have long been holding on to became instantly unhitched and is now tightly connected to his heart. If one day he lets go of it, I’d be totally ruined and extremely weakened.

Being in this long distance relationship seems almost impossible to me. I could feel a tiny part of my heart breaking each time I think of the Pacific ocean that separates us. But in each day that passes and in every mini heart break I experience, a part of me gets stronger. I think of all the many great things that could happen if I just stay patient.

They say if we really want something, we should take things slowly and let just things happen one step at a time. If we really want something to last forever, we should not rush it. We know from the very start when someone we love is worthy of anything that lasts “forever” with us. And when I saw him and fell in love, I already knew I was willing to love him from afar and wait for him forever. And this…this love I am feeling is what gives me hope and incomparable happiness. It is what gives me life every day. It’s my mana, the power that guides me while waiting for a love that I greatly desire.

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