What tears taste like when you’re gone

one last cry caterpillar

Shared by noraroars

There are days where I want to lay in bed just to cry to my favorite love songs. The moments where my hands are clenched in a fist and my eyelids are scrunched together so tight so I don’t drown in my own tears. Sometimes I’m wishing that I never met you and sometimes I’m wishing you were still with me. Neither will make me blind to the silent motion picture playing in my head.

My mind is screaming your name, but in between fallen tears I’m trying to catch or hold onto my breath to wish I was more of what you needed. When I’m  done crying, I’m still not cured and I think I’m more empty then I was before. Realizing you don’t know what I went through just to remember who you were and hoping that the emptiness I feel means that I’m closer to forgetting you just like you forgot about me.

It’s take a lot to hear your name now and not want to run away or see your familiar face on people I don’t know. What’s worst is when my heart feels like it weighs more not being able to tell you how I feel. Cause even after all the hurtful words you’ve said, the neglect that left me in denial, the rejection that silenced my words to you, I still choose you cause my heart kept telling me to.

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