Dear Stranger

greetings stranger

Shared by Antyology

It’s awesome that I met you (or I will have to meet you still).

That doesn’t really matter though because I told Dad and Mum all about you. I told them what kind of man you are. Because I’ve been praying for you.

You see if there’s one thing you should know about me, I’m not good at this. I’m not good at opening up myself to people even if I’m friends with them for a while now but with you, I don’t hesitate. I tell you everything without any fear that you will judge me.

It’s okay that we would bond at a later time. You probably wouldn’t like me if you met me years ago. I know that ’cause I didn’t like me. But I had to be that version of myself so I could be better for Christ; so I could be better for the people around me and that includes you.

I’m not sure if I met you. Or that I would have to meet you still. But one thing I’m sure of is you’re just around.

And I can’t wait for God to just spin our world around just so I can know your name and you could know mine. And that’s the last time you’ll ever be a stranger to me.

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