To my future soulmate

The Merging of Two Souls

A beautiful featured post by Katie Wilhelm

We probably have not met yet. Right now you are out there in the world living your life without me in it.

But I just want to let you know that I will love you. I just want to take some time to let you know how much I really am going to love you and why.

I will love you because you will put me first. Above everything else in this world, the one thing you will be truly certain of is the love you have in your heart and the solace you find in my eyes, melted pools of blue shining only in your reflection.

I will love you because you will make me a better person. You will remind me that love is the most precious gift I will ever receive and the most powerful feeling on this earth. You will remain in the corner of my head as a positive reminder to pull through whatever hardships are thrown my way.

I will love you because the world will make sense when I’m by your side. The stars will align and shine as if only just for me, the sky will beam blue even during the darkest of days, the birds will mirror my heart’s tune. I will welcome each morning with the promising mantra that at the end of the day everything is good because I have you.

I will love you because you will know me better than anyone has ever known me before. You will know how to treat me at my worst and you will know when I need to be held. But you will also know when to tell me I’m wrong or being unfair. Your spot in my head will be deep and my thoughts will ricochet off the walls of your mind before I even get a chance to say them out loud.

I will love you because you will never play games with me, you will respect me too much to do so. I will never have to question your feelings because you will make them known through your actions every day. You will always tell me the truth, and your truth will always be something that I love and appreciate.

I will love you because you will be my best friend. You will laugh with me and at me. My laughter will be fuel to your happiness. We will not let a day go by without joking and striving to make the other person chuckle. We will never take each other or ourselves too seriously; life is too short for that.

I will love you because you will turn off the white noise and the static that surrounds my life. You will make the stress and the work and the tears seem meaningless. You will enter my life with a permanent stroke of sunlight that will gently loom over every day from then on out.

I will love you because it is in my nature, because loving someone is the most innate, natural and instinctive thing I know how to do and you are something worth loving to my greatest ability. I will love you like no one has ever loved you before. It will be different from every other person who has said those three magic words to you because when I say them, I will truly mean them forever.

I will love you because you showed me that I will not get hurt when I let myself fall this time. You will not let me fall without your hands behind me first, guiding me into the sanctuary of your arms. You will teach me what happens when a real man loves a woman until his dying day and for that, I am forever grateful to you.

Thank you for giving me something to believe in. Thank you for giving me this bright future to hold onto. I think about our days together when I can’t sleep at night or when I let myself dwell on the past. But I know that the look on your face when I finally get to say this to you will make up for all the sleepless nights I spent wondering where you are or the times I felt my heart break.

And though we are not aware of the long time we will have together, sharing each other’s lives, I want you to know that when you walk into my life and I walk into yours, I am going to love you with every part of myself and more. Because you are worth it. Because you are perfect to me. Because what is there to life, if not love?


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