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Last night I had organised a group of us to head out to the city to look at the lights around my beautiful city and managed to turn the entire night into an adventure; we all car-pooled into the station, took the train across the Harbour Bridge, walked around the city having a splendid night. Of course Mr L was there..

We walked up to the Opera House to watch the light show my city puts on annually, we were all laughing, joking about, photobombing tourists, dancing and singing. It was definitely a night for the records.

It was about halfway through the night that I remembered I had an assignment I forgot to submit online and so I went onto my phone, as we were walking around the city, and quickly went to upload it. Just innocently trying to make it before the cut-off, which was in 10 minutes (thank goodness I remembered!).

As we were walking around and crossing roads (me not looking where I was going), Mr L grabbed my hand and guided it toward his arm so I could hold onto him….

breathe. just breathe. in. and. out. breathe.

His touch was one of both comfort and protection, it made my heart skip a beat and now I can’t help but think about that moment.

I know he was just being a gentleman and helping me walk while I was trying to do my assignment, but still it was extremely sweet. And don’t even get me started on the fact he puts his hand on back sometimes when we cross the road….

I don’t really know what to do, so any advice would be really appreciated right now…

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