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Cascading plume of sweet water embraced by the curves of her body, shaping her delicacy as she emerged, walking slowly towards the essence of the magnificent depths to the bed of earth. She walks with desire, with lust for communion invited by his presence. “God, you’re so beautiful,” he whispers, his rigid physique so awfully clear. “I desire you with every cell in my body….”. A playful smile touches her lips as she approached a hanging white lace dress. Grasping the thin fabric, her eyes close as she presses it against her bare softness and utters, “You’re eating the remnants of air around me..”. His nearness crashes the moist, fragrant flora that floats in the air. Sensing how his silhouette has already bound her to him. A heated adrenaline rushes through her body once she feels his lips just behind her ear. “I will not stop until your only inhales are the exhales I make, while our bodies merge and rock together in simmering unison.” As she engulfs in every word, her eyes open wide. “I fantasize you as the Lion and I the Lioness whom souls merge together with every act of passion,” her lips mouthing every word with interest. “It makes me not want to challenge your strength.” She walks forward slowly, turning right then left, right and left, making him watch her body sway. “I can feel the hurricanes in your hands.” She laughs softly, and yells in amusement. “It makes me not want to challenge your strength.”
A smile she never saw, touched his eyes. She stopped in the midst of her sways and kept her eyes locked to his smile, and how it’s lines formed a canvas of art. “Young lady, what if I told you I cannot wait to have those hurricanes blow through you and hear your body sing its own music, loud over the sound of the wind?” She gives him her back and wears the dress. Sitting on a flat stone, she mutters while braiding her wild curls. “You tempt me, sir.” Once her eyes lifted up, there he was. Hovering over her, staring at the flames in his eyes. “With every passage of those hands through your centers of volcanic activity, you shed your soul with the first gasp and are reborn again with accumulated desire for the ultimate divine release.” Cradling his face, pulling him to her, she whispers softly. “Bathe me in the pearls of your passion…I ache for you.” And the sacred ground replenishes with splendor.

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