A Healing Heart


Shared by katiejunewilhelm

I get caught up in this web for hours,
thinking about the shattered pieces of my heart.
I dwell, I dream, until tears reach my eyes.
I try to make sense of falling apart.

The hours have been long, the days unending,
looking back on this miserable road.
My tired eyes have grown used to your absence,
just like these empty hands you used to hold.

The scars you left are still so visible,
evidence of the memories I hold so dear.
I live in limbo, in an infinite maze
because you are gone, yet still here.

Underneath the cracks and broken glass,
I know my heart will fully heal.
Light will find it’s way into my soul
and my smile will once again be real.

So I’ll just keep waiting to not remember.
To forget your touch and the words you’ve said.
Because this pain will one day leave my heart,
but I’ll never let it leave my head.

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