Midnight blues

Heartbeat Why I Gave Up on Finding Love Some Guys Just Don't Have It

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 Sometimes I do remember you.  Once in a blue moon. All the memories surge forth like yesterday, like I can see the two people in love. As I remember, the eyes get heavy but dry without a drop rolling down.

As the night sky blooms with fire, I love the dark days painted in dark blue, wrapped in red velvet.. the memories burn in midnight blue. Spread those wings and fly free with the wind. Like a stab, like a wound.

Years gone but I was never able to forgive you. It hurts but its true. You never loved me, maybe I did not too. You were not man enough for me. Maybe all are the same and you were just an illusion I painted in my mind.

Now, the eyes in the painting stare back at me and they look no longer familiar to me. Through the midnight blues and the restless night, all the memories surge forth and I find my heart here with me happy without you.

I loved you then. I don’t know you now. I could never forgive the one I once loved.

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