His Voice


Shared by Diana Georgia Marcos

I just realized recently that the most difficult part about forgetting someone who had been the center of your life for a long time is not being able to remember the sound of their voice. I could still remember how he looked like the very first time we met. The image of his face is still fresh and very clear to me. But how he sounded…it is vanishing like a melting butter left outside on a sunny day. I am so close to forgetting it.

I must admit that the first thing about him that made me fall in love so hard is his voice. Yes. His sweet, raspy, dreamy, sexy voice. I could think of many beautiful adjectives to describe it. He has no idea how much I fell in love with it. The first time he talked to me, his voice got stuck in my head and it never left. It’s like an ear worm of the best kind. When he speaks, it is like he also sings although he really doesn’t. It is weird, but I felt as though I hear him everywhere even when he is away. I hear him in my sleep. I hear him in my dreams. I hear him even when he doesn’t say a word.

His voice is the only thing that gets me through the day. It is the soundtrack that ceaselessly plays in my head from the time the sun rises and the moment it sets. I couldn’t care less if I forget his face, but I would never dream about forgetting how he sounds like. And maybe, this is why I would never get over him. Because…just like your favorite song, you would listen to it day in and day out until you learn every word in the lyrics. You will get tired eventually, but you will still listen to it because it has been the soundtrack of your life.

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