Love Is For The Ugly, Too


Shared by imperfectant

When I was little, I thought love was magic that was bestowed upon the princes and princesses of the world.
I crammed in my little head all the things required of a person for love to find them.
They had to be beautiful.
The girls with the long silken hair, the boys with the winning smiles. The delicate and the courageous. The perfect subjects for a fairytale ending.
But I was never delicate. My hair isn’t silken or eyes wide or face beautiful.
I was not beautiful enough to be loved.
I didn’t have what it takes to captivate a man’s eyes, let alone his heart.
I despaired.

But as I grew up, I saw love is for the ugly as well.
Love is for the ill-tempered as well as it is for the snaggle-toothed.
Love is for the addict as well as it is for the saint.
Love is for the coarse-haired, the crooked-nosed, the foul-mouthed and the self-loathing.

But it’s never for the afraid, no matter how beautiful they seem to be. “There’s no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.”

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