Running Thoughts


Shared by: zara3

I look at the texts and I look at him too. I am still unsure of what they mean and what he means too. Is this what it is? Or is it supposed to be more. Is this feeling what they all call ‘love’, or am I blinded by my own hysteria and doubt? Doubt about tomorrow and every day after that, of my heart breaking or my faith crashing down in a moment’s silence. Will he discard me like he did them earlier or will he cherish me like he says he will? I am filled with confusion and now it’s begun to strain me. Strain the times that we had in my head. Should I jump in the puddle while I have the chance, or should I wait for the next big adventure? He smiles and brings his hand forward to brush away my straying strand of hair. He does not know the battle I wage. Which is wiser? The heart that thumps every time he is around or the brain that stops me from the jump? If he does find my thoughts, will he be able to quench them once and for all? Wait. Hold on. Those deep blue eyes. I might as well just shut you out for now. Let’s discuss it tomorrow, shall we brain?