Regret This Love

Shared by noraroars.

The most beautiful smile I saw has been pasted on skin more tan than mine own, next to the roughness of his chin. Followed by chapped lips soaking against mine. Even in darkness I am reminded of your silhouette, it glows in the deepest realm of my mind and creates euphoric pleasures with just a click of button named after you. Your smile spells your name so well. Although your voice may be low, it’s still the strongest voice to ever hold my gaze. I use to listen to you speak through the corners of my eyes. I can hear your smile through your breath and your frown through your sighs.

Sometimes I can’t remember your face, but I imagine you and I together in most beautiful places that only the mind can take us. Can’t you see it too? It’s like a cool morning when I smell the last of your minty fresh breath after you brush your teeth, the soft embrace and your lips on my forehead then I on my tippy toes as I reach to kiss your nose. You’ll say we’ll meet again and you’ll flash your smile as if you’re not ready to let me go.

Other times it’s like a breezy mid day afternoon, walking through an empty field then rest up next to a big oak tree as we exchange stories. Why does your voice have to be just as soft and gentle as your touch? And.. Your laugh is magnifying! It’s the type of laugh that makes me shy so I smile back and stare at your smile. I’m so busy thinking in my head I almost forgot to listen and before we both know it we’re beguiled by the sunset. My head on your shoulders waiting for your breath that signifies you feel the same way right now, right here, I just want to hear your smile.

Most of the time it’s like sitting on your couch discussing the world over glasses of red wine. I’ll get overly excited as your wanderlust mind captures my attention and I spring to spill red wine on your rug. Once we fix that we’ll speak of other topics and you’ll beg me to follow my dreams then we’ll be swaying back and forth in laughter over the littlest things. I don’t know when it happens, but I’ll fall into your arms and there it is again, your breath smiles behind my ears. I always knew you would grab me by the hand and take me to places where I’ve never been..

It was overwhelming to know that all this was not your greatest piece of art. That this piece of art wasn’t as memorable as you had envisioned and even though the strokes are so harsh the colors have slowly diminished. Or so you thought it was in color at one point, but at the end it was just a sketch smeared away by aches of time trying to forget when all you could draw was a smile.

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