A Wish for Him


Shared by Dragon Stout.

I am happy. I know what it feels like to be sad. I have been to the deepest depth of a sorrowful existence and lingered there for much too long. I know what it feels like to despair. I am happy.

My heart is not broken. Not anymore. My heart is mended. Stuck back together with more than glue and tape. The broken pieces have been cemented together with bright new shiny bits. Warm and glowy bits. I know what it feels like when your heart breaks. My heart is not broken.

I think of him, often. I think of him and smile. That is as it should be. I could never hate him. There is no reason to hate him. He has done nothing wrong.

Nothing is perfect, not even beauty. Beauty is in the imperfections. This imperfect life that can be so cruel and cold at times is beautiful to me. I see that now. I have all I could ever wish to have. I have love.

I wish him happiness and peace. I wish him a beautiful long imperfect life. I only want the best for him. I wish for him to be kind to himself. It would be best for him to not think of me as I think of him. Often. If he does choose to think of me let it be brief and seldom. I wish to make this easy for him. And gentle.

I want him to know that ifever, whenever, however he wants me. I’m his. But ifever becomes never then that’s ok too. I’m happy and my heart is in tact. I wish the same for him.

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