The Breakup Celebration


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“How can you joke? Now, really? When I am so much sad.” My voice raised a bit over cell. After all, it was a long distance call!

“That is no joke. Tell your dad not to worry about wedding of his short, dusky daughter. He can rest after he gets his elder daughter settled in life”.

Well, “settled” in India means getting your son or daughter wedded to a equivalent match (generally in an arrange marriage), which I am not against of. But I was really not much sure after my dad got depressed trying to get a great match for his elder and not to forget good-looking daughter.

The dusky one was me who thought that she could never be an-instant-favorite in first meeting.

And my best friend had just proposed me when I was sad due to my dad’s dejection. I was so engrossed in my sorrow that I didn’t see this coming.

“Sorry Vikas, if you are joking you picked up a wrong time, and if you are serious, you picked the wrong girl”! I said, not believing on my ears. One part of my heart was actually shocked and again sad, when the other was actually tingling with the sensation only an unexpected proposal can create.

“Our wedding is not a joke to me” He told me in flat voice. And I was wondering, he still didn’t actually pronounced his love for me.

So it was the last day; I need to break up our 5 years of friendship, I sighed slowly not to appear someone getting sentimental on issues like love. Two friends cannot stay just friends when they have become couple.

Now that silence has stretched for a long time between us, I announced “So we must stop calling each others now. I can’t fall in love with you and disappoint my dad. We need to block each other on FB…”

While I was blurting all this, he was listening all of that patiently. When I finished, he asserted, “I am ready to do this; I will convince my parents.” and then asked suddenly, appearing weakened as if shaken up by loss, “Won’t you give our relationship a chance? ”

“I can’t. I have vowed never to disappoint my dad and wedding to a man in another caste would be the greatest one for him.” And trust me, in India it is one big issue.

And then his voice was powered by some thought, “Even if I get him and your mom agreed over this?”

And that got me really thinking, but I didn’t want to expect against expectation. “We will see!” and ended the call.

After the third day of this break up, I was on a flight to his place for our engagement!

Break up celebration it actually became!

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