All Roads Lead Back To You


Shared by noraroars.

All Roads Lead Back To You

It’s a malicious truth I tell myself how I know that reaching out to you is more of a heartache than to just think about your beautiful memory. In my aching heart you never turned your back on me. In my burning heart you are the amazing person who lets me, be me.

So I’ve built a world of heaven and hell for you and I. Each time I close my eyes, I breathe our memories into every vibe of my being to visit us. As my reality is right in between that world of heaven and hell, I walk through fire everyday to find you.

Cause in my mind I want to remember who I fell for, not who I miss. Because if you were weren’t gone and I’m not broken, in past tense I wouldn’t have to miss you. You’d be right where we left off.

Missing someone is like wondering how you ever forgot where you left your keys or lost something valuable. Everything that is important becomes irrelevant so that you can make something that has gone missing a priority.

But I still you, I hope that’s okay.

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