Beautifully Unfinished…


Shared by Aisha Irfan.

He didn’t believe in love. But just like any other day he had come across a girl as she walked through those gates and except a few furtive glances he didn’t bother making any other move. That was the inception of something great, something that was going to alter their lives forever. Oh the oblivion. He remembered her as pretty and simple from that first look and she didn’t matter much then however, when that same girl walked away from him a few months later taking away all her memories, kisses, tender caresses, smiles that could brighten his bleakest days, her annoying banter to divert attention from all the worries, that day he realized her true value. No matter what he had done for her, the emptiness she left behind was swallowing him up and he was trying his best to stay on shore.

He was totally broken, shattered, smashed but he had to make her off-limits. He used to miss her a lot and his thoughts were still consumed by their moments spent in each other’s company. They had spent the time of their lives together and he felt that she was the one, the only one for him but, the situation decided otherwise. He was jealous and over-possessive, the thought of her being with any other guy was killing him but, he had no choice other than to move on and lock up his emotions to be dealt with later, or never.

He had discovered the side of himself that he didn’t know existed, the one that made him able of taking risks, to sacrifice for the one he loved, to be her buttress whenever she needed him but what was he to do with it now? He had adopted new habits because of her and keeping up with them was a painful reminder of her existence and previously held importance in his life. He was still desperate to get her back in his arms and was suffering but he had to live with his beautifully unfinished ending like a soulless existence. His friends were worried by his change of attitude but he had blocked everyone out. He talked less, kept to himself and stopped going out, occupied in his own world.

The only hope that he had of survival was the conviction that they loved each other. She was not a player and he knew her better than to label her as such. Though they were separated, they will survive this cause though they are far but they are in it together. They were sorry for themselves that despite being perfect they couldn’t hold on to each other. There wasn’t anything that they couldn’t fight together and surely distance was not a problem. Their bond was stronger than that but, unfortunately they were unaware of it. They were taking different routes. But they were headed towards the same destination. Their partners were diff but their voyage was same. They were dealing with the same shit. They were trying miserably to get over each other and I don’t know how long it will last before they came crashing down because they couldn’t avoid each other for long. Happy endings do exist but, not like the way we planned and imagined them to.

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