When Love Means Pain

It Went in Little Ways

Shared by Diana Marcos.

Sometimes how you see a person is different from how another person sees him…and what’s worse is, sometimes that person isn’t who you think he really is even when you think you have known him for a long, long time.
And, if you love that person, you would always see the best in him even when everyone thinks he’s the worst person in the world…and you would stay with him even when he’s the one pushing you away.

Love should never be based on how long or short you have known each other. It should never be measured by how much you can give and how often you can sacrifice. It should never be about proving something to people.

People are inclined to question a lot of things. It is inevitable. Sometimes they take a toll on your being. They get on your nerves. But if you’re certain about your feeling, then you should never be bothered by them.

Love isn’t always amazing. It is bloody. It is a battlefield. There is so much pain attached to it. It’s always up to you to deal with it. You don’t have to be scared even when it makes you want to crumble down on your knees. Love is not for the weak, they say. So, stand your ground if you really want it. Pain is momentary but what comes after it vanishes will be all worth it.

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