Trying Tinder

Fragmented Romance - Dating in the Age of Tindr

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What surprises me most about Tinder is the sheer volume of users. It’s an endless stream of singles (and some not so single) looking for…well sometimes it’s hard to say.  The space provided to write about yourself e.g.; what you’re looking for, interests and hobbies, is mostly left blank or written in confusing acronyms and emoticons leaving me wondering if  I need to complete some sort of course in order to decode.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying I thought Tinder was just a twenty-first century invention aimed at fast tracking two people into the bedroom and it is that, but it’s also so much more.

Swiping through the human catalogue can be a dizzying experience but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. Swipe left if you don’t like the look of a person, swipe right if you do. If you both swipe right a box will pop up saying: ‘It’s a match’ activating the instant chat function. Or choose to ‘keep playing’ (that’s Tinder’s words, not mine).

For a Tinder rookie like me, I find it hard to concentrate and am easily distracted by the more eye-popping profiles, of which there are many.

In just one Tinder swipe-athon I came across:

  • Six men claiming they were married looking for some discreet fun. One of which had a complete suite of photos (of the same man) accompanied by a note saying: the images aren’t of me
  • Three close-up groin shots (underpants thankfully included)
  • Two men seeking a dominatrix
  • Three men looking for naughty girls only
  • One man looking for a very naughty girl
  • Four people I know
  • and an unspecified number of no-shirt selfies

There are also are a lot of people claiming they are looking to meet ‘the one’ and are not after a quick fling. This is supported by the rise of the many married couples using social media to share their Tinder unions and proudly announcing, ‘we swiped right!’

It looks like there really is something for everyone on Tinder and if you’re prepared to have a go you probably can find exactly what you’re looking for. I can’t say I’m a Tinder convert just yet but I am trying it and at the very least I can bring my  internet lingo up to speed. CYAL8R

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