The Question to my Answer

The Day My Heart Broke

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Today was a good day. I had a blast at a party. I met some great people.

We also had this game, where people were given cards with either a question or an answer. Then these people needed to go and mingle with everyone to find their “match”. It was hilarious.

Midway through the night, I got my card with the answer “sock city.” The funny thing was that it was my own question and answer. I was the one who came up with the question and answer to Sock City. And karma somehow returned the favor by giving me my own answer.

So, I kept searching and searching, however I never found the Question to my Answer. My match, as you can say. I asked everyone and still nobody had the question I needed.

In the end, I asked and apparently my question was never dealt. So, even if I searched the whole world, I would have never met my match, because it just wasn’t there yet. It wasn’t in the open yet.

And somehow, it is really weird, but when I realized that, I had this tingly feeling as if the Universe was trying to tell me something.

Because honestly, I am someone who can easily like someone. I admit that, shamelessly. I can easily feel attracted to a guy. However, often when I do like someone, really like someone, that guy often a. doesn’t like me b. has a girlfriend or c. whatever other reason. Which can be frustrating sometimes.

So when this realization dawned upon me. It felt like the Universe was telling me to stop searching for my match, soulmate or whatever. Or that whenever it doesn’t work out with someone, it happens to be that that person is not the Question to my Answer. As if the Universe is telling me that when it is dealt, the guy will appear.

If I think about it, it feels really poetic. And reassuring. And logical.

Because whenever it is dealt, it will come. And whatever hasn’t come, has just not been dealt.

With love,

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