The Heart Still Beats


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I’m just a normal guy who seems to have always been on the bad side of luck when it comes to love. I always seem to fall for someone who wouldn’t feel the same for me. It hurts a lot even though I’ve never been into a BG/GF relationship with those girls. Sometimes I felt like I don’t want to fall in love anymore. But then somebody comes along and I fall again, the cycle repeating over and over again.

Then one day, I met this girl. It was during the process of her trying to join an organization which I belong to. We talked and I even told her about my past loves. We started texting for a bit, then one day she got mad at me because I wasn’t able to join her for lunch. We stopped texting and talking for months until by January, I felt like I really miss her and wanted to ask her for a date in February. I was afraid of getting rejected though so I didn’t ask her right away. Then before January ended, I was texting with one of my former love interests which became a good friend of mine. She told me that I should muster my courage and that I should at least try instead of someday regretting what I didn’t do. So I texted the girl asking if she would like to go on a date with me for Valentine’s day and she said it’s fine with her.

And so we went back to texting and talking and we even went out a few times before Valentines. Then I asked her after our valentine’s date if she could be my girlfriend and she said she would think about it. There is an on-going fair at the school and the following day there was a series of bands performing. It ended at about past 1am and I asked her if she made up her mind, and she said yes. I was really happy at that time and also overwhelmed.

After that, we were together most of the time especially since we have a lot of common friends. We were really happy together.

Then two months before our 2nd anniversary, she broke up with me. We’ve been away for some time due to work and was only able to meet around once or twice a month. I tried to talk her but she said she won’t change her mind. So I let her be for the time being. I still texted her sometimes, sometimes she would reply, most of the times not. I was really devastated, I don’t know what to do. I have always believed and hoped that she would be “The One”. Then about a month later, she finally agreed to meet. It all went well and now we’re back together, hopefully this would continue for a lifetime.

A lot of us would get hurt at some point, probably even countless times. Just don’t get tired of loving. You could take a break but never stop yourself from falling, cause if you do, then you will never find true love. Remember, the heart still beats no matter how many heartbreaks you experience.

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