Blessed Through the Greatness of Love

eddie and me thanksgiving 2014

Shared by Janessa.

I was in a time of my life where everything was day to day. It had to be day-to-day because if it wasn’t I would have gone crazy with the insanity happening around me. I had moments where I just didn’t like the thought of being on Earth period, because I was so tired of doing everything my mother was supposed too. But then one day, there was a wedding. My best friend’s older sister was getting married and I was excited, naturally just to get away. I was even more excited when I got there. He was there, working with the DJ.
I had gotten all dressed up in my gray strapless dress determined to not only have a great time but to catch his attention for the first time in the years that I had known him.

Needless to say, he drove me home that night singing in the car the whole way the most romantic love songs ever. I was already infatuated with him, so he didn’t really have to try all that hard to get me to swoon but he tried hard nonetheless. He walked me to my front door and hugged me goodnight before kissing my cheek and climbing back into his car. I was so happy, my whole body buzzing like a bee. From that moment on, he found any excuse to see me, he would ask for dance lessons, bring me flowers, surprise me with visits from him. But throughout the whole time he never once kissed me on my lips, he would lightly brush his lips against my cheek or forehead whispering his farewell and leaving into the summer night.
I’ll never forget the night he kissed me for the first time, I was so excited I called my best friend gushing about how our lips felt so perfect against each other’s. I was enthralled with him and all of his being. As our relationship went on, we became more and more personal with each other, talking about any and all things about us. I found that we both had suffered our fair share of heartbreak. He wasn’t like the other men I had encountered, He was compassionate, kind, and thought everything through carefully. I saw many flaws after the months went by but I had only loved him more. He was unbelievably strong with dreams, he was willing to pursue no matter what anyone said to him. He was happy, with a kind heart and he encouraged me through every hardship I had encountered. I was blessed without a single doubt. I was in love with him. I still am. He and I have been together for 2 years now, and it still feels like it hasn’t been 2 years rather a few months together. We plan to get married in a year or two. I still am in awe of how our love story happened and how it still continues, He has been there through every single tear, laugh, cry and smile. I know for a fact now that, you don’t go looking for love…It finds you.

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