I Love You


Shared by Mo.

This title is my confession

but based on my profession

it is customary for me to say it again

Now and then

and forever

I speak these words as an anchor

for your heart

as beautiful as a piece of art

I grace these three words to you

their impact great, though their letters few

So here I go..knowing this is what my heart wants to do

Darling, I. love. you.

I loved you before you believed

In an us, in a we

I loved you before you loved yourself

When you placed our love on a shelf

I loved you when you was lost in the world

Even then I wanted to be your girl

And all in all my love remained true

I love you despite all we been through

I love you now

I love you not knowing how

my love will affect those around me

but whatever will be, will be

You see?

Darling, I can’t live my life based on others opinions

on what they determine are my sins

I can’t decide who to love based on a consensus

because then there would be no us

Maybe I’m biased

but with you I am my boldest

And I can’t allow other’s brief distrust

to ruin the greatest

love I have ever known

seeds of beautiful change have been sown

so I still love you

And as if that isn’t enough

I might just

up the ante on this bet I have on my boo

and say for the rest of eternity, I will love you

Yes I will

When all the earth stands still

And the wonder of the sea begins to cease

and the world ponders if there is still peace

I will still love you

in fact my love grew

over the years

as situations bottled our tears

and we had to make an alliance

as tough times came to rob the essence

of our love

like a dove

who waited to be released from it’s hiding place

so that it could face

what was to come

we too waited from

the sidelines so that we could

understanding that we should

love each other with everything

regardless of who was asking

I will love you when your spirit decides to go away

knowing that you can no longer stay

in the earth with me

as you pass into eternity

I will still love you

There’s nothing else that I’ll rather do

Then, now and forever

my love will be your anchor

it will be sturdy and well-fixed


with patience and honesty

designed for you and me

I did, I do, and I will

love you for eternity

(c) Simone Holloway, 2015

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