The Soldier


Shared by Abriami.

Wailing sirens and the burning smell of flesh kept him awake. A million thoughts drifted into his mind, a million reasons why he just had to pull through. But they were outnumbered by the stars he was seeing. Being shot is complicated. As a soldier he knew It wasn’t like how they put it in movies. *Pop* and you’re just gone, no, you feel it all. A hole ripping through you. The bullet making it deeper and deeper into you by the second. But right then the pang of guilt in his chest hurt way more than the wound.

That was supposed to be his last mission. He was going home the next day.. going home to his girl. There was so much crying and begging. He hated her being so worried for him and he’d decided to give it all up for her.

A single picture was stuck in his head. She was crying and he couldn’t do anything about it. This terrified him more than death itself. He desperately thought of anything he could do to fix this. He hadn’t even told her he was quitting yet. Some surprise it was going to be now. It was like he was being punished for making her cry all these days. That was how she’d remember him, he thought, the man who made her cry.

A week later at the funeral attended by sympathetic friends and family she gave his Eulogy. She spoke of his courage and selflessness. The perfect soldier that he was. But to her, “he is the man of my dreams” ,she said. Her man, he was. They could have taken him out of her life, but her dreams she still had complete authority over.

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