The Love of a Good Woman


Shared by our popular Featured Writer, Katie Wilhelm.

The love of a good woman:
sacred and beautiful.
Like blossoming tulips,
an endless field of forget-me-nots.
Melted pools of blue
shining into your soul.
The love of a good woman
shatters who you thought you were,
changes your view of humanity,
heightens every sense you have.
It sounds like a symphony of laughter.
And it looks like personified happiness.
It’s the taste of vulnerability,
that for once doesn’t seem so sour.
It feels like the first deep breath you take
after emerging from still, open water.
The love of a good woman Is a catalyst,
to the smile that creeps up to your lips,
to the song that won’t leave your head,
to the confidence you exude every day.
It is the sunshine during an eternal ice age.
It is the essence of positivity and light.
It is the answer to every question.
When squandered, the love of a good woman will be gone,
because she knows better.
And you will not find it again so easily,
because the love of a good woman is so incredibly rare.
And if you let this love go,
you are nothing short of a fool.

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