Who Should I Trust?

favourite hello and hardest goodbye

Shared by kitsune.

I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for almost a year now. He is actually my best friend’s brother. Recently, they had been having some family issues and my boyfriend had been confiding to me. He told me what was happening although I felt like there was something missing in his story. Then, one day, I woke up to a message from my best friend asking me to break up with his brother. She told me he isn’t the person I think he is and that he did something that is unforgivable. My only concern was she also didn’t tell me what actually transpired. I don’t know who to trust anymore. The person I have loved for almost a year now or the one I have been friends with for years? What’s actually painful is she was the one who had encouraged me to be with her brother but she didn’t even think twice about asking me to leave him.

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