Heart Break Learn to Love Again


Shared by Victoria KAY.

I was in love and it all fell apart before my eye’s. I’m a sap for falling for someone, for love , romance, togetherness, date night, passionate sex and all that good stuff even though I always seem to fall for the wrong ones. I’ll go back to when I was 19 now keep in mind I had just lost my virginity to my first long term boyfriend when I was 18 but that’s another love\heart break story! Moving on the guy I dated when I was 19 was one of my best guys friends growing up we both went to this Christian school in a small town and he was the hottest guy in school every girl wanted to date him he was a bit of a bad boy but , that just made me want him more and it was a challenge. I was a bit over weight when I was 12 and had a bestfriend that dated him ,thought I would never have a chance to get him to notice me in that way, until one day he didn’t like my friend anymore and she didn’t like him so they broke it off and this is middle school you know how that go’s. I had told her I really liked him and have been crushing on him for years but, he only thinks of me as a friend she said write him a note and tell him how you feel he just wasn’t my type of guy I wanted to date. So I write him this note ” hey Caleb we have been friends for how long ? I know this might sound cheesy but , I really like you and want to get to know you better on a personal level then just us making jokes in the hall and basketball games I know you and Amanda just broke up and all but, I just wanted to let you know how I felt p.s if you want to get to know eachother better out of school my AIM is koala13@aol.com  message after school 😄 so we got to talking everyday even all nighter phone chats and I thought he really started to like and notice me in the way I always wanted. I ended up telling him I was falling for him and he said he didn’t like me that way and just wanted to be good friends. He later ended up getting back with Amanda as for me and Amanda. we stoped being friends. I was heart broken Caleb and I drifted apart until till high school I lose some lbs by the time I was 16 and a lot of guys wanted to date me but, I still thought of him from time to time so I decided to try again even though I heart he was notorious for being a big player I started to go to his soccer games and talking on MySpace we hugout a few times like went to the movies and stuff with friends  but, we just remained friends. Fast forward three years he said he wanted to hangout we went on a date one on one and really it is off ,started being inseparable we were both 19 and I ened up moving in with him and his family is was a great relationship we were with each other almost every day until I got a phone call from a blocked number it was a girl named Jessica she’s told me my boyfriend was cheating on me with her and they don’t wear condoms! I didn’t want to believe it I felt like I was going to puke, I was so upset. I went to his work to confront him and he denied everything and said she was lying I believed him then after that he never let me see his phone I moved out and things were rocking but, I wanted things to work, so in a spans of six month it was great but, one Saturday night I was sick and stayed in while he went out to a party with friends  I got a phone call from a girlfriend named Sam she first asked me if Caleb and I were still together I said yes we are why she said because he was just at wal-mart holding some girls hand and kissing her so I wanted to let you know ! I felt a lump in my throat the size of a golf ball I tried calling and texting him none stop but, no answer, I finally cried myself to sleep and at 6 in the morning I get a phone call from one of my guy friends coty he told me his girlfriend had fucked Caleb in the woods at a party lastnight I couldn’t believe I was so blinded to a cheater I broke up with him and he is still denying it today . Now I’m with an amazing guy who makes me so happy so even if you go through heart breaks the right one will come along.

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