Lunar Love

The Unspoken

Shared by Spenser Lushin.

Finding true love is like landing on the moon. only a handful of footprints are embedded in the white lunar dust on the moon. My spacesuit is cracked, mangled, and leaking air. It is barely keeping me alive, but I am alive.  I land on the moon only to jump back off into space. I jump, but I still held on tight as I cling for warmth hiding in the shadows of this starless sky. As of now I am lost in space. There is no more ship in the sky. I grab on tight only to push off with all my might, sending my ship towards Earth as I spiral towards the ocean of dark emptiness. I drift aimlessly throughout space to be alone. I see it drift farther and farther, and now it is gone. Now I drift alone in space orbiting around and around hoping one day to breach the atmosphere of Earth again. I must fall to Earth to rebuild my ship so I can once again lift off to return home. You are on Earth and I am in orbit. A million miles away, but I look down at Earth only to see your light still shining. It is your aurora that still glows brighter than them all. It is that light that I look down on that sheds light to this vast space of darkness. It is that light that guides me back to Earth like Polaris for the lost sailors at sea.  Love belongs with Luna. LOVE is the Zeus of all emotions. Love is the invisible fence that you cannot see, but will give you one hell of a shock when you cross that border. Problem is who knows where that border is? We have an idea of about where it is, but still not exactly where. After all it is invisible. Love is love, and there is no explaining why. I can’t explain love, and that is why I go insane.

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