His Past

Shared by Abriami.

Every morning, rushing over to school leaving behind a half-eaten breakfast, a breezy journey with recollections of what happened the previous day and high expectations of what could happen that day… Then a sudden surge of nausea on remembering my homework has been forgotten all about. That train of thought freezes to a halt when the school campus comes into view. Then a few civilities. This was my daily routine. But today wasn’t a usual day at school for me.

Every soul at school was busy going about their own ways doing what they had to. I however, had different priorities. I had to get over him. The guy on my mind: the one who just broke my heart. No, the guy who’s heart I just broke. It may have killed me to do it. But still, I did it. I broke up with him. So I’m the one to blame. I could still hear his voice inside my head, asking me to change my mind. But at last he had to give up. Well, he was always the one with the big heart. Doing everything he could, to make me happy. This probably was just another opportunity for him to please me. Ah! It’s always the kind-hearted who get their hearts broken, aren’t they? How ironic of this cruel world! The day went on and strangely my normally restless mind was wandering around HIM. That cliché thing where your life flashes before your eyes happened to me too. I could still see it… the day I met him

The wounds were fresh. The girl he was so in love with, the one who didn’t even mind his existence had broken is heart. He was the kind of guy who’d sit around and mourn about this, write poems and whatnot. He was just another joke to me, one of those clueless people who believed in love. We had a mutual friend who was the reason we met. He came over to me all gallantly, being the poster boy for “heartbroken” and talked to me. In a way I never thought he would. He turned out to be more than just sad. He was actually quite interesting. That was the first time he proved me wrong. Then, of course, I was curious. I was curious how someone like him could be who he was. So, I asked him about his love life and when he went on being all moody and love sick like I am right now I couldn’t help showing my annoyance towards “Love”. He simply laughed. That amazing, cheerful laugh of his only left me staring. He had the nerve to challenge me, like he knew everything about me. He went on and challenged me I’d fall in love someday… and boy was he right…

I vaguely remember some Physics and Math classes today. I think there was some chemistry too. But no longer was my mind near Science or Math. It was around him. I missed him, terribly. At the end of the day I had proof. I was in love. Correction I AM in love. I loved him. Ha! I was a victim of irony too. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Me and him I mean. How did I of all people end up believing in love?

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