You Are You


Shared by Kitty Poncet.

Love is that feeling you get when you realize a connection is truly going in the right direction and bettering the both of you in a warm and tingly kind of way. Love is also when your boyfriend remembers to put the toilet seat back down. That’s just love. Thats the GOOD side of love anyways. Yes, it’s true that love can just as easily mangle your very being with its unrelenting waves of despair but that’s the thing. You signed up and when you sign up you choose 100% with everything you have to truly FEEL. Maybe you don’t directly CHOOSE to but either way….. It will happen. Bet your bottom dollar. (Yes, Annie was necessary) it wasn’t your worst choice though so stick with me okay? I’m not pointing fingers because quite obviously everyone loves someone or something at some point in their life. Whether it be the girl in the apartment directly above yours who stomps in a hot way or the watch that looks cool but doesn’t tick or tock yet you inherited it from your long lost uncle so it gets lovins anyway. It’s still technically a form of love. As silly as that sounds. Have you ever loved someone that hurt you and made you think ALL love was posion? That love was just this sick joke everyone but you was in on? WELL DONT BECAUSE YOU SIMPLY WERE LOVED WRONG. You aren’t to blame, you’re to start again on a fresh page with no inky markings to ruin the big picture. You’re to blossom under the sun like a dandelion waiting for the right wind to blow your way and make every wish come true. You’re to stay true to yourself and better that self every chance you get. You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are you.

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